Friday, May 30, 2003

as the departure of roshan on wednesday (miss you, roshan! good luck in tanzania...) signaled the fact that we have less than a month before we leave, irene and i spent yesterday evening cleaning out the junk in the basement. piles of emty boxes ruined by flooding, unclaimed furniture that probably won't even be accepted at goodwill (whose was it anyway?), and all these little dryer sheets that never made it to the gargbage...there's quite a mountain of garbage to be picked up today. who knew that when you put stuff down there it multiplies? and so now i'm being optimistic and planning a little-at-a-time packing strategy for the next few weeks, that will inevitably result in an all-night frantic, last-minute sprint of shoving things in random boxes, never to be found again...until, of course, next time i have to move...
Thursday, May 22, 2003

the torrential downpour continues...not kidding here! i've spent the morning at work planning the library's summer exhibit, fixing the archives webpages (stupid image maps acting up!), and checking out homestar runner. the squirtus is going to be a freshman advisor next year at furman, and they've decided to make homestar runner and his cronies the theme for their hall. love it, jessie, and the cartoons and games are worth hours of entertainment...
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Monday, May 12, 2003

in between my weekend activities of set painting and assisting with bulletin boards (and making good use of a gift card at borders), i managed to fit in two stellar movies. X2, which was just so good (and way better than I'd hoped), and A Mighty Wind (you know that feeling when you know you're laughing to a distracting degree, but can't seem to tone it down? that was me...sorry). see them. see them now.
Monday, May 05, 2003

i had a great visit from mom this weekend. we saw a hilarious performance of don't dress for dinner at SPAC (southend performing arts center), that I highly encourage everyone in the charlotte area to go see. it's playing until may 18, and is worth every cent and a long drive...


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