Friday, June 27, 2003

today's the last day of work. not getting too much done due to the massive amounts of yummy key lime/white chocolate cheesecake that jan brought in, and the saying goodbye to everyone. but i've cleaned up my computer files, and i'm cleaning out my desk now. i don't think my leaving has actually set in with me at all, even with all the packing. i'm not sure if it'll be hard to leave this place after six years or not. probably, i'll just view it as leaving for the summer, like i did as a student. hard to believe that's not the case. it's been a good two years since graduation, and i'll miss everyone. but time moves on and so must i...
Tuesday, June 24, 2003

lots and lots of driving recently. i guess i've been in training for the trip back to florida on friday. i had one last drive in the mountains before i relocate to the state of sunshine and only slightly rolling hills, and this past weekend at myrtle beach will help me to fully appreciate the glory that is a florida beach. the squirtus is spending the summer in myrtle on beach project, which means she's working (yay for free popcorn!) and dazzling everyone with her talent and cuteness. it continually blows my mind that my little sister can be so cool. but then, she learned from the best, eh? heh.
Wednesday, June 11, 2003

with less than two weeks until my stuff is scheduled to be moved, i've been trying to implement the pack-a-little-each-day mentality. so far, i've gotten a few boxes packed and a room strewn with stuff. i need a machete just to clear a path to the window in the morning. it's reminiscent of my room growing up, really. cozy. it'll be sad to take down my red wall...i think i'll keep it until the last moment. unless i need the construction paper for some other purpose. :)


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